25 Brilliant Fashion Brochure Design Examples

A brochure is a printed booklet or pamphlet that contains promotional material for a product, company or service. Fashion brochures, catalogues and magazines are one of the primary ways that fashion companies and brands market themselves to potential clients and buyers.

Fashion brochures are a very challenging item to design, and the custom brochure printing services are the vital and extremely important part as we cannot compromise the design and innovation of a fashion brochure.

A well designed fashion brochure can communicate not only the product information and details, but also establish a brand identity that the buyer will associate with a given desirable quality, such as elegance, edginess, beauty or professionalism. Below are 25 Creative and Brilliant Fashion Brochure Designs for your inspiration. Hope you like it.

1. Barli Asmara Catalog 2008

1_Barli Asmara Catalog 2008

Barli Asmara Catalog 2008

2. Fox Juniors Holiday 08 Look Book

2_Fox Juniors Holiday 08 Look Book

Fox Juniors Holiday 08 Look Book

3. SELECT - Brochure

3_SELECT - Brochure

SELECT - Brochure

4. Bóbita



5. Furtacor Moda Mundi 2009

5_Furtacor Moda Mundi 2009

Furtacor Moda Mundi 2009

6. Manga Rosa Fashion Catalog

6_Manga Rosa Fashion Catalog

Manga Rosa Fashion Catalog

7. Kinetic Fashion Festival

7_Kinetic Fashion Festival

Kinetic Fashion Festival

8. Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday 2008

8_Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday 2008

Susana Monaco Catalog Winter Holiday 2008

9. The Project Madness

9_The Project Madness

The Project Madness

10. JL Lane Catalog

10_JL Lane Catalog

JL Lane Catalog

11. Fox Juniors Fall 09 Video & Look Book

11_Fox Juniors Fall 09 Video & Look Book

Fox Juniors Fall 09 Video & Look Book

12. De Linear Fashion Brochure

12_De Linear Fashion Brochure

De Linear Fashion Brochure

13. Makup Brochure

13_Makup Brochure

Makup Brochure

14. Depeche Mode Catalog

14_Depeche Mode Catalog

Depeche Mode Catalog

15. DarYa Taranenko

15_DarYa Taranenko

DarYa Taranenko

16. Fox Holiday 08 Catalog

16_Fox Holiday 08 Catalog

Fox Holiday 08 Catalog

17. Diesel



18. Fashion Brochure

18_Fashion Brochure

Fashion Brochure

19. D&A



20. Karina Nunes

20_Karina Nunes

Karina Nunes

21. Makup Brochure

21_Makup Brochure

Makup Brochure

22. Galerias Metallo

22_Galerias Metallo

Galerias Metallo

23. Jaeger SS09 Season Launch Brochure

23_Jaeger SS09 Season Launch Brochure

Jaeger SS09 Season Launch Brochure

24. Chemifs







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