TV ads, although sometimes very boring and way too long, can be very entertaining and funny. For example the TV ads by OLX are worth watching. The company puts a lot of money and effort in making ads that are appealing to their audience and that also get the message through: the possibilities of their platform.

If you are thinking about selling something or you want to offer the services of your company, OLX is the right platform to upload all your information. And the best of all is that it is for free. It is easy to use, well organized and a very active page. Hundreds of new ads are uploaded every day in each of the countries’ portal which adds up to a couple of thousand every day globally.

For each of the countries OLX creates its own ads, so have a look at their YouTube channel to see the ads they have created for other countries, they are definitely worth watching. If it still does not convince you, the next two features will. OLX has created an application for smart phones with which you can access the portal in a WAP version which offers all the features the regular version has, but optimized for smart phone’s bandwidth and screen.

The other feature is their Facebook page. The Facebook users are becoming more and more, and so are the hits on the OLX landing page. The Facebook page lets you interact directly with the OLX team and you can read the information OLX publishes there or the answers they have given to the questions and comments other users have proposed. Maybe someone else has had the same question and it has already been solved.

Make sure to check out the OLX web, their smart phone application, their Facebook page and, of course, their TV ads.