TV commercials are one of the most popular forms of advertisement in use today, and for good reason. A few years ago, marketers only have to compete with snack and bathroom breaks in order to keep their viewer’s attention, an easy enough task with the right marketing. However, with the advent of smartphones, advertising companies are now faced with an even stronger competition: the second screen. TV viewers now have another source of entertainment during breaks in their television shows – four out of ten adults use a second screen while watching TV, and if there are children in the household that number increases to almost seven out of ten.

Second screens include everything from tablets to laptops to smartphones. Mobile devices from Samsung, such as the Galaxy Note 4, offer some of the biggest distractions – viewers use their 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED display┬áto do everything from looking up facts about their favorite show to browsing social media when break time comes, or even during their favorite shows. Users look up their favorite actors and actresses, or engage with new apps that actively engage with the show. Advertisers are starting to pay more attention to this second screen by developing synchronized ads that push products on multiple screens, as well as TV-enhancing applications that let users interact with their favorite show.

As the second screen becomes more popular, advertisers are finding different ways to incorporate this second media source into their advertisement campaigns, so as not to lose out to the draw of another source of entertainment for their prospective clients. Check out how people are using their second screens below.