Having a web presence is the most important thing today a business can do to secure their place as a brand. With so many shoppers looking online and less in the real world for what they want, there is an open opportunity for business owners to secure a piece of their “pie in the sky” of web real estate. So, if you are planning to create a website,the domain name chosen by a business is one of the most important things to get right.

© iStockphoto / ThinkStock

© iStockphoto / ThinkStock


Your brand name is extremely important but the domain is critical too, to the identity of the the type of business you are involved in. For example, when the .tv domain first came out, everyone in the television business scrambled to obtain one of these identities, because it announced to the world that they were in the television business. Others, wanting to make a name for themselves in video or finance, followed suit. Your domain is also important because of the way the search engines sort and analyze data on a website. Meta crawlers and bots go out periodically to scour the web for relevant information on your site and place it in categories, as well as rank it, according to the relevance and content you have provided. And one of the most important aspects of this ranking and categorization is your domain name and your web address.


When have you decided to have a web presence, how did you choose your web site URL? It should have been something that reflected what you do with your business. The same is true with the domain, but the domain should focus on the TYPE of business you have. For example, the .tv domain tells people you either have a television station or you are in the tv industry. The .com name is always a business. Use of the domain .org tells people you are a non-profit business or entity. This is important and should be considered carefully to make the best impression to the visitor as to what you do.


The following domains have just been released for sale in August and can now be purchased when you secure your website name: .actor, .fail, .financial, .limited, .rocks


This domain would be perfect for anyone in the arts who considers themselves an actor. It is very specific to acting, rather than just a generic arts type reference so it would be best for people who are taking their acting careers very seriously and want to be considered a professional actor.


This domain could be used by anyone who was in a business related to success and failure, a company or organization who deals with strategies in succeeding in business, or other idea. What you use it for it totally up to you, and the image you portray with your own company name or idea can vary, but this domain addresses the concept of how to handle failure so it should be used in that way.


This will be a coveted new domain for banking institutions and others in the financial industry. The focus of this domain is money and money management, as the name implies.


This new domain could be used for a business, which has a status of “Ltd.” or could be used in another way, regarding any product or service which is perceived as rare or limited edition, etc.


Finally, if you are a rock dealer, jeweler, or other who is in the gem industry, this is your domain. In addition, another use of this domain could be related to music or as a verb to describe anything that is considered awesome or unique.


These are the top 5 level domains just released which can be obtained now when you secure your web presence. Remember to think carefully about both your brand name online and your domain. They are both important, and they go a long way toward building your name online. To pre-order one of these top domains today, talk to your web hosting company where you signed up for a hosting package.m