There are many different platforms that you can choose for hosting your blog. If you are starting a new blog or considering changing your platform, then it is worth thinking about what each of them has to offer so that you can choose which will be the best one for you. Before starting consider whether you have used any before or seen blogs hosted on them and what you liked and disliked about them.


WordPress seems to be one of the most popular ways to host your blog. It has many functions and you can even add a lot of your own code so that you can add unique things and make your blog stand out from the others. Of course, with so much that you can do, it can look rather daunting when you first have a go. However, you can keep things simple, if you want to and then add to it as you learn more about how to use it. If you look at blogs online, you can often pick out a wordpress one and it does tend to have a modern feel to it, which can be preferred by many. It has many themes and templates which means that you do not have to be really creative I order to use it. You can get away with knowing no code as well, everything is there for you. There are also many tutorials online, that you can use in order to help you to use it and to add interesting features to it.


This is really simple to use although it has added new functions in order to keep it looking current compared to other blogging platforms. It also as various themes and within those you can change the design to make it look and feel the way that you wish. You can easily add it to Google Adsense, if you wish to make money from advertising in this way. If you want to start with something which is easy to use then you may decide to choose this over wordpress. However, if you think that you will want something more complex in the future then it may be worth starting with something else. One big advantage over other platforms though is that it is one of a small few that allow you to use your own domain on the blog without having to pay to attach it.

This is powered by wordpress and has become popular among some bloggers. It has a great range of themes that you can choose from in order to make your blog look really good. There are also many plug-in options which will enable you to be able to personalise things. However, as it is a free service it does have advertising on it. These are more than you may get from other platforms and it does put some people off. There is also less storage available compared to the available from wordpress.


This microblog is growing in popularity as it can easily be synchronised with Facebook and / or Twitter making It easy to promote on social media. It is also easy to use to create a group blog powered by the community which is also something which is growing in popularity. It has many unique features and many different themes as well as support for apps such as Feedburner and Google Analytics.


LiveJournal has social media almost incorporated into it. This is because you can interact with others within your blog and used polls and create networks and things like this. It is more basic than many blogs although it does have a good selection of templates to it. It works quite differently to others and therefore is worth a look if you want something unique to offer that has more interaction available.


This can be used for blogging but also for full websites as well. This means that you could start with a blog and then build on it or integrate your blog into a website if you wish to go in that direction. PrestoWebsite is easy to use with drag and drop facilities allowing you to be able to easily create a blog with images, maps, videos, sounds and slideshows very easily. Many people also use their designer platform tool which allows web designers to easily build websites for their clients. With a big choice of themes and great hosting it can be an option worth considering.


It can be tempting to choose one of the bigger hosts, that you have heard of. However, it is worth being open minded and keeping your options open as there could be something which would suit you blog better. Although going along with the popular can be a good choice, if you want to stand out then it could be better to choose something a bit different.