So you’ve studied hard for your graphic design degree and now you’re ready to use that impressive qualification to carve out a rewarding career, but what will you specialize in? After doing all the hard work and studying for a better future, where do you see it taking you? You have a number of options to consider before making that hugely important decision.

One of the more popular sectors in which graphic designers ply their trade is that of marketing. This fascinating, lively and exciting industry can see you working on designs for a new breakfast cereal box one day and a series of poster-sized images for a book launch the next. It’s varied work, so there is rarely any opportunity to become bored by any routine.

The world’s advertising agencies are always looking for talented individuals who can bring their own ideas and concepts to the table. This particular sector is a highly competitive one, and it’s often difficult for newbies to even get a foot in the door, but if you’re persistent and you’re able to show what you can do, there is a good chance that someone will hear you.

In many design agencies, the role of Creative Director is the one most people crave. Although it’s often the case that this individual spends more time liaising with clients and overseeing other people’s projects rather than actual hands-on designing, it’s a hugely attractive position. In most agencies, it should be noted, this role takes many years to obtain.

To print or not to print?

Like most other industry sectors, the world of graphic design has changed dramatically since the advent of the Digital Age. It’s worth remembering, however, that there are still plenty of opportunities to work in the printed media. While more people use the Internet on a daily basis in the modern era, there is still plenty of use for newspapers, magazines and journals.

In a consumer-centric world, the way package designs can influence buying trends is not lost on the business sector. Designing everything from beer cans and coffee jars to egg cartons and shoe boxes is hugely important. The trend towards shopping in large supermarkets means that every single product has a desperate need to stand out from the rest these days.

The same can of course be said about companies and organizations. Brand awareness has become an increasingly important tool in the commercial world, and as a result of this logo design is taken very seriously indeed. Many newcomers to the world of design cut their teeth in this sphere, giving companies whole new identities in the process.

With all these options open to those who have recently gained a degree in graphic design, it’s worth remembering that competition for jobs is always likely to be fierce. In order to get noticed by the right people at the right time you need to ensure your CV is eye-catching and your portfolio is impressive. These two factors can make all the difference.