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7 Reasons Why Moving to WordPress Hosting is a Brilliant Idea

Every business today that has an online website is looking to consolidate their presence one way or the other. Some take the route of social media, while some seek Google’s Adwords or Adsense to mint money. However, they overlook the fact that all of this is eventually linked to their website which is where visitors […]

10 Things Outstanding Web Designers Have in Common

Websites seem to be just as much of the norm for people as a phone number. From bloggers to corporate entities, the Internet is full of information. However, not all websites are created using the best strategies. In fact, many people often skimp out on some of the things that could contribute greatly to success. […]

10 Open Source CSS Code Editors

Although one could use programs like Notepad to write CSS code, it’s not really the most efficient method. It’ll work, but it lacks that sense of professionalism. Not to mention it lacks some of the fine features of a proper editor. Coding editors of today are often robust and make development far easier for those […]

3 Important Things to Know Prior to Becoming a Hosting Reseller

Reseller hosting is perfect for people who wish to sell hosting services to their customers. You’ll be able to provide a robust environment without having to invest in servers or any other infrastructure. The cost of your hosting reseller account will also likely be covered by your first customers. Everything after that will be pure […]

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