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Guide to Search Engine Optimization – Infographic

Looking for ways to increase your traffic to your site? There is no other better marketing channel than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But before you go about to engaging SEO services in Singapore, it is essential that you do some homework and understand what SEO is all about first. After all, you need to understand to […]

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator Tool Lets You View Thousands of Keyboard Shortcuts (Without Leaving Your Browser)

A new, interactive tool showcases (pretty much) every keyboard shortcut available for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign; you don’t even have to leave your web-browser. If you’re familiar with the Adobe suite of applications, you’ll probably know that each one (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) is packed with hundreds of useful, yet difficult-to-access, keyboard shortcuts. No matter […]

What is Your Zero-Day Meltdown Plan?

Perhaps you have heard of a zero-day attack. It is so scary because there is no warning, and no time to prepare. Put on your sci-fi hat for a moment. (You know you’ve got one.) Imagine a group of invaders materializing right in your office. You have no idea they’re coming. You have no time […]

Five Reasons to Move from Blogger to WordPress

Think of blogging platforms, and chances are your thoughts quickly turn to two of the most prominent services on the web; the open-source WordPress, and the Google-owned Blogger. With the might of the world’s biggest search engine behind it, the latter platform may have seemed like the obvious choice when you first came to start […]

E-Commerce Website Solutions are Here For the Taking

Why Do I Need E-Commerce Website Solutions If you wish to market your own services and products on the web, you’ll need reliable e-commerce website solutions along with shopping cart software mixed to acquire an aggressive marketing plan. Weighing the cost of doing business with regard to sustaining the shopping cart software and web site […]

How to Use the Latest TLDs on the Web – August 2014

Having a web presence is the most important thing today a business can do to secure their place as a brand. With so many shoppers looking online and less in the real world for what they want, there is an open opportunity for business owners to secure a piece of their “pie in the sky” […]

Where Will Your Graphic Design Degree Take You?

So you’ve studied hard for your graphic design degree and now you’re ready to use that impressive qualification to carve out a rewarding career, but what will you specialize in? After doing all the hard work and studying for a better future, where do you see it taking you? You have a number of options […]

Web Start Today – Website Builder that Relieves You from Coding

As a designer you would hate the idea of manual coding. It makes you dependent on the coder to turn your design into a functional website. A code free design environment would make life so much easier for you, isn’t it? While there are many website builder tools in the market today but most of […]

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