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10 Free Useful Online QR Code Generators

You may find dozens of QR code generators on the net but this collection features only high quality and free to use code generators. QR codes are the 2D barcodes that you can easily scan with the help of any smartphone. After that, these codes are converted into interactive piece of text and / or […]

Samurai by FeeFighters

10 Best and Reliable Online Payment Systems

An online payment system is the lifeblood of any website that sells a product or a service.  Life would be a lot better and easier if we were not required to handle bank checks or any kind of paper money, as it is quite irksome and tough to do, instead we could make any kind […]

jQuery Banner Rotator

Awesome jQuery Sliders for your Inspiration

jQuery is a coding language that is a branch from JavaScript. jQuery works like JavaScript where its used to help with interaction and effects with your development code. jQuery is free, open source software, dual-licensed under the MIT License or the GNU General Public License, Version 2. Content sliders are a great way to show […]

Iris Blur – Photoshop CS6 Tutorial

Cool and Easy Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

In the new CS6, they made amazing changes and added new functionality. CS6 gives much better performance and creates superior designs using new re-imagined tools. CS6 brings some significant changes and new functionality that offers even more potential than previous versions. Here are 2o best photoshop CS6 tutorials, with the help of these tutorials you’ll […]

Moving Boxes Content with jQuery

20 Excellent JQuery Tutorials for Web Developers

Most of you already aware that jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that emphasizes interaction between JavaScript and HTML. It has a lot of useful Ajax and JavaScript features to allow you enhance semantic coding and user experience. Some of the tutorials presented here combine both jQuery and CSS which helps to achieve the wanted […]


The Most Popular and Free Online Blogging Platforms

A blog is a great way to express your thoughts, create a web presence for your company and provide content to Internet users. Once you have an idea to start blogging, you need to think about resources you will need. You should think about hosting, development and finally launch of your blog. Such services offer […]

Pinterest Image Expander

15 Most Useful Pinterest Extensions for Chrome

Pinterest is a very popular pinboard-type social networking website where users can share photos with people that share the same interests. Pinterest is a really fun place with some really beautiful photos. If you wish to get the best out of your Pinterest, then you should definitely try using some Google Chrome Extensions which enhance […]

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