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15 Great Fixed Navigation Menus in Web Design

Navigation is one of the most important component of site for designers, it helps the users to move from page to page looking for interesting content. It’s an abbreviated definition, a road to multiple destinations, and the outstretched hand of invitation to any and all visitors who have happened upon the site in question. A […]

Web Start Today – Website Builder that Relieves You from Coding

As a designer you would hate the idea of manual coding. It makes you dependent on the coder to turn your design into a functional website. A code free design environment would make life so much easier for you, isn’t it? While there are many website builder tools in the market today but most of […]

10 Unusual Animal Website Mascots

Besides a catchy name and a great logo, having a mascot is one of the best ways of imprinting a marketing message into minds and getting people talking about a brand. A mascot is one avenue in getting your message imprinted into customers minds and get them talking about your brand. Mascots are becoming more […]


Showcase of CSS and XHTML Website Layout Templates

Whether you download and dissect pre-built CSS templates to learn new layout techniques or if you download them to be used as easy-to-edit ready made and standalone web sites, you shouldn’t be limited to using one of the many cloned, dated and often dull templates that are freely available. In this CSS and XHTML template […]


Creative and Impressive Examples of Pricing Page Design

Every premium web application/service developer is well aware of the importance of showcasing pricing information on their website in an easy-to-read and stylish manner. With the help of an appealing pricing page, you can certainly increase your sales to a greater extent. Here we are showcasing an inspirational assortment of some successful and impressive pricing […]

Git Tower

Inspirational Examples of Typography in Web Design

Typography is the form of writing on any surface. Typography has lots of things to do in the designing of a website. From print to packages to web design and pretty much all other media that you can think of, typography always plays a big role. Typography in web design is one of the important […]

Built by the Factory

Inspirational Examples of Agency Website Designs

Advertising and web design agencies always portray themselves as the best when it comes to creativity. Freelance designers and design agencies always strive to have a website that leaves a positive impression on visitors. Here is a mind blowing fresh collection of beautifully designed agency websites that we would like to share with you. We […]


Showcase of Website Contact Form for your Inspiration

Contact form page may seems like just another web page of any website, but its importance is much above other subsequent pages of the website. Here is a showcase of website contact form that we would like to share with you. We hope that you will like this wonderful collection. Feel free to share your […]

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