WordPress has become the most popular publishing platform for websites because of how user-friendly and intuitive it is. It has allowed beginner website owners to create and maintain sites like experienced website developers and big companies.

Part of the WordPress appeal is that you don’t need to know HTML coding to create a beautiful and professional looking website. Other aspects to the WordPress popularity is that there are several different types of WordPress hosting options out there and various plugins that allow you to integrate ads, social media and email marketing captures. Because of all of that WordPress is used by 26% of all websites.

But before you go finding WordPress hosting, uploading the platform and creating a site, check out these 25 sites to increase your knowledge of WordPress first:

1. WordPress Lessons

WordPress lessons provides tutorials for beginner and advanced techniques. They provide tips on design, development, theme usage, fonts and color schemes.

This is a comprehensive site and a good starting place if you have a WordPress powered site.

2. Lynda.com

Lynda provides over 70 lessons and 1600 videos regarding WordPress. You can find tutorials on theme development, plugins and overall design and usability on Lynda.com.

3. WPBeginner

The great thing about WpBeginner is that they provide very thorough step-by-step instructions with real life examples and hacks. Ultimately, this approach can help you learn WordPress a little faster.

4. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a very popular design website that has various free WordPress themes. They also provide general WordPress tutorials that get updates very month or two.

5. YouTube

YouTube is very well known and visited by many people online. Chances are, if you have done anything online, you have probably watched a YouTube video or two.

YouTube is a great place to find information on WordPress. It is best for getting quick answers to troubleshooting questions with step-by-step video instructions. If you are a visual learner, this is the place to learn.

6. WP101

WP101 provides video tutorials for basic to advanced users. They provide information on publishing posts, installing and using plugins and themes and also walk you through the more essential plugin setups to optimize your site for search engines.

7. WPSquared

For those who like to learn by reading, WPSquared is a great resource. They provide tutorials on theme and plugin configurations and their guides are extremely high quality.

8. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus provides WordPress tutorials that are updated every few days. They are mostly written tutorials and the site is organized extremely well.

The way Tuts Plus sections their site makes it easy for you to get a thorough understanding of WordPress because you won’t have to hunt for hours to get an answer to your question.

9. Level Up Tuts

Level Up Tuts are series driven tutorials. They provide over 30 basic and advanced level tutorials on topics like HTML5, CSS, Javascript and more.

10. WPMU Dev

WPMU Dev is a mixture of beginner and advanced level tutorials that range from simple to complex. However, they do have more training geared towards beginner and intermediate WordPress users.

They have easy to read articles that provide in-depth WordPress training that gets updated twice per week.

11. Digwp

Dipwp is a blog that provides tutorials on themes, widgets, plugin use and overall WordPress development. This site comes in handy when you are looking for a quick answer because they provide quick content.

Another useful development feature for Digwp is that they offer copy and paste codes users can use in WordPress.

12. ManageWP

This site provides heavy content on plugins, themes and services for WordPress. It is a blog site, which is great because they update their content frequently.

13. Justin Tadlock

Justin Tadlock is a blog that has a rich archives area with a lot of great WordPress tutorials. These tutorials are mainly plugin and developer focused.

Chances are, if you need to find out about plugins or site usability, this site will have something written on it.

14. Easy WP Guide

Easy WP Guide is a downloadable PDF guide that can be seen on Amazon Kindle, iPhone or tables. If you prefer to find your information online, you can use their website to search for WordPress related topics to find videos and tutorials.

15. WordPress.tv

This site is great to stay up on what is going on in the world of WordPress. They have exclusive video of talks from the greatest minds from around the world who contribute to the WordPress platform.

These talks are presentation based and very informative for the active WordPress user.

16. First Site Guide

First Site Guide provides PDF guides and video tutorals. As the name suggests, this is a good site to follow along with when creating your first WordPress site.

17. WP Sessions

WP Sessions provides more beginner/intermediate tutorials. These tutorials are set up in a webinar format where WordPress professionals present live presentations.

18. Wphub

Wphub provides beginner level tutorials on page set up, plugin usage and how to use configure themes. This is a very comprehensive tutorial site for beginners and the guides are written in simple to understand terms.

19. iThemes WordPress Tutorials

iThemes provides a large library of video tutorials about WordPress customization and styling. This is a great resource to understand CSS information when using WordPress.

20. Pippins Plugins

This is Pippin Williamson’s site. He is a well-known plugin developer. This site has a large library on understanding how plugins work.

This site is a great resource to learn about how plugins function and why they might malfunction.

21. WP-Tutoring

WP Tutoring provides individualized instruction regardless of your current knowledge level with WordPress. They have live training that is personalized for your specific needs for all things WordPress related.

22. Carrie Dills

Carrie Dills is a Genesis Theme developer who provides a large library of articles on theme customization and debugging.

23. WP Theming

WP Theming is a blog site that provides solutions to theme related problems in WordPress. This site also provides plugin tutorials, but it is mainly a great theme resource.

24. Tom McFarlin

Tom McFarlin is a WordPress veteran and he frequently updates his blog with tutorials. You can find a lot of advanced WordPress material on Tom’s blog.

25. WordPress Arena

WordPress Arena provides article tutorials on themes, plugins and overall WordPress customization. This site is very heavily archived with a lot of articles and tutorials.


From the WordPress hosting level up to theme customization and publishing, these sites will provide you with everything you need to know to go from scratch to a functional WordPress site.